Lost Little Spaceman is now available for the ZX Spectrum

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I have an exciting announcement!  Lost Little Spaceman is now available for the ZX Spectrum.  Yes that's right the mobile game has been ported to this great little 80s machine. 


Please check it out. It's free to download from lostlittlespaceman.com and Spectrum Computing

Also, visit http://digitalgeek.me for source code and details on how the game was created with the amazing AGDx game engine.

Lost Little Spaceman iOS update

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Just rolled out an update on iOS.  This is a minor update, but does include some new language packs.


This version includes the following on iOS

★ NEW Polish, Spain, Russian language
☆ Minor bug fixes and improvements

If there are any other languages you would like to be included, please let me know.  I hope to get another update out soon in both Android and iOS.

Download for FREE at lostlittlespaceman.com



Trex Runner RIP

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I just removed Trex Runner from the Google Play store and sadly don’t plan to reinstate it.

Trex Runner

This is because of a number of policy violations, incorrectly raised against the app.  The reason is that the store listing mentions the open source Chromium project, and there is a policy that states you cannot use brand names, However I need to mention this to declare it uses the open source code from this project.

I would then need to go through the procedure of getting it reinstated.  I have done a number of times and the appeal always goes in my favour, but I don’t really want the hassle of this again. It does also concern me what this does to my developer account, so I have made the decision to just remove the app completely.

It’s a shame as it almost got to half a million downloads, but then it’s not anything original. It was a very early app I made to learn Java and Android Studio. You can still get the app from the Software page and there is also a link to the code base.

Lost Little Spaceman wins Amazon Appstore Developer Spotlight !

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I'm thrilled to announce that Lost Little Spaceman has won Amazon's Appstore Developer Spotlight award.  It will be featured in the Amazon Appstore from 11th December.


This is great news and will hopefully get the game some much needed publicity. 

Check out all the Winners! m.amazonappservices.com/spotlight-winners

Lost Little Spaceman full release now on Android and iOS

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It's finally here,  the full release of Lost Little Spaceman.  Get it for free on Google Play or the App Store.  It you like it please consider leaving a review.


Just head over to lostlittlespaceman.com


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